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Bingo Ballroom Evaluation

Bingo Ballroom is an apt name for a bingo website, since many opulent ballrooms were once bingo halls, resonating to the rafters on a Saturday night with the talk of players and the yells of the bingo caller.

Bingo Ballroom recreates the image, even down to the disco balls suspended from the homepage’s ‘roof.’ This website really shines, to the point that you may need to adjust the contrast on your monitor.

While the Bingo Ballroom is far from an antique venue, its narrow shape allows acres of unoccupied space on each side. However, it is not necessary to use the whole width of the page to play bingo, and the thin design provides plenty of room for the ballroom to shine through — and shine it does.

Bingo Ballroom is maintained by Cassava Enterprises Limited, a Gibraltar-based corporation that specializes in producing similar websites that change only in their theme.

While this is a ballroom, the business has covered anything from loved-up emoticons to beach parties. Therefore, they deserve high scores for their theme inventiveness, even if the underlying websites are similar. According to the creators of the site, “the lovely rhythms of rhumba and tango enliven every game.” If that sounds appealing, join up and prepare to dance your way around the house as you celebrate your bingo victory.

The site is largely targeted towards British bingo players, a group that is quickly rising as a result of the lottery-style game’s successful rebranding as a cool and exciting way to pass the time. 888 Holdings, meanwhile, is a publicly listed corporation that owns Cassava Enterprises and hence controls the whole operation.

This is worth noting just to demonstrate the power behind Bingo Ballroom. While no corporation is invincible, it is reasonable to expect that 888 Holdings will survive for the foreseeable future.

How to Begin

There are several bingo games planned throughout the day and night at Bingo Ballroom. The majority of games cost pennies to enter, while a few large ones cost pounds, but the jackpots make the investment worthwhile. Bingo Ballroom specializes on 75-ball and 90-ball bingo.

To try either, you’ll need to join up and fund your account. Following that, you’ll be able to begin noting down numbers in your attempt to beat your classmates to bingo.

Bingo Ballroom accepts a range of common payment methods, including credit and debit cards through Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard. Additional payment options include PayPal, Paysafecard, Entropay, and Neteller.

When withdrawing monies, they are held for 48 hours before being released. It will next take a few days for the funds to show in your account; this time period may be extended if you requested a bank transfer or check.

Promotions for Bingo

Cassava Enterprises, in keeping with its other bingo websites, is offering clients of Bingo Ballroom a £30 bonus cash when they deposit £10. This equates to a 200% bingo bonus and a 100% games bonus. Slightly perplexingly, the tiny print states that this 300 percent bonus is valid up to £105, implying that more than £10 may be invested in conjunction with this offer.

Additionally, the site runs periodic promotions, such as a calendar-style selection of Christmas bonuses; just click on a day of the month to find the deal that awaits.

Other seasonal promotions include a massive new year’s jackpot. If you’re obliged to spend New Year’s Eve inside playing bingo alone, it’s comforting to know that Bingo Ballroom has you covered.

Promotions on a regular basis

Each week, Bingo Ballroom offers a plethora of bingo promos. Each Monday between 4pm and 6pm, gamers get double loyalty points, or jewels as they are called in this country. There are also unique bingo games that come under the umbrella of promotions, such as the Sure Win game, which is held on the first and fifteenth of each month and has a £2,500 prize pool, £500 of which is shared amongst the runners-up, guaranteeing that no one goes empty-handed.

Accumulate Loyalty Points

Bingo Ballroom wishes to have you as a BFF. You will be awarded with gems for becoming acquainted with the site and playing there on a regular basis. Not physical gems, but virtual ones that are distributed at a rate of one dozen each £1 wagered. The more jewels you gather, the more cashback and incentives you’ll receive as your rank progresses from Rookie to Pro, Master, and eventually Champ.

Slots of Amusement

One of the weirdest aspects of Bingo Ballroom is that it has an entire assortment of slots that are not accessible through the main interface. Indeed, the sole indication that they exist comes in the form of a little box labeled Instant Games. By clicking on this, you’ll be sent to a hidden zone where you’ll find progressive jackpots, video slots, and instant win games.

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